3 Tips to Help You Lose the Quarantine 15

Chances are you stopped thinking about the scale at some point during the pandemic. Maybe you ordered meals a few too many times or found yourself snacking or over-indulging over the holidays. 

The "quarantine 15" isn't just a joke or a myth - it's a real thing. When WebMD polled over a thousand of their users, nearly half of the women and a quarter of the men said they'd gained weight over the past year. It's easy to see why: our schedules were disrupted, many of us were working from home, and fewer of us were exercising regularly. It's no wonder our bodies felt the pressure! 

The good news is that things are looking brighter! And now that vaccines are rolling out and restrictions are lifting, it's time to regroup and make a plan for how we'll shed those extra pounds. 

Steps to Take to Lose the Quarantine Weight 

While there's no single "quarantine diet" that can help get rid of these extra 15 pounds, there are things you can do to get in better shape, just in time for summer. 

1. Be Mindful about the Way You're Eating 

Mindfulness is step one. During the pandemic, many of us overate without thinking about it. Now it's time to think about the quality and amount of food you consume. 

Instead of mindlessly eating chips and salsa, for example, measure out how much you really want to consume. Try cutting your meals in half or choosing a piece of fruit over a cookie when hunger strikes. By consciously making healthier choices, we can build healthier habits and more confidence. 

2. Plan Ahead and Set Reasonable Goals 

When you plan your meals ahead, you control your portions and your calorie intake. When you create a daily routine that includes exercise and plenty of rest, you set yourself up for success. 

So, renew your interest in cooking. Set aside some time on the weekend to prepare meals and shop for healthy ingredients. Then, set daily and weekly fitness goals. Make sure you're getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep per night and adding plenty of movement to your day. 

3. Consider Supplements and Meal-Replacement Shakes 

We don't always get the nutrients we need from food alone. And that can make it harder to get in shape and lose weight. Consider adding supplements to your daily routine, especially if you're one of many individuals who have vitamin deficiencies. 

Finally, consider adding meal-replacement shakes a few times per week. They give you plenty of protein to fuel your workout. Plus, they're easy to make on those days that cooking a healthy meal just won't fit into your schedule. 

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