Multi Vitamin Mineral / Immune

The majority of recent research shows that more than one third of adults are deficient in at least one micronutrient with a significant number lacking more than one. With age the risk of a vitamin deficiency increases and can contribute to a weakened immune system.

Signs of a low performing immune system can include, slow recovery from sickness or injury, fatigue, frequent sickness, inflammation or possible digestion problems.

A recent twelve-week study on this issue was done in conjunction with Oregon State University. The study showed that adults that consume a multi vitamin mineral supplement can have increased blood levels of vitamin C and Zinc, with a reduction in the severity and length of illness symptoms.

As we age, vitamin and mineral deficiencies increases and may impair our immune system functions. These deficiencies can simply be addressed with a multi vitamin and mineral supplement. Most MVM are readily available and affordable.

Here is a small list from U.S. Dept of Agriculture on adults not meeting RDA:

Vitamin E          86%

Folate               75%

Calcium            73%

Magnesium       68%

Vitamin A          55%

Vitamin C          485

Zinc                  42%