About Powerstage Sports Nutrition

The Powerstage vision began with people—the athletes we trained.

We're a group of certified trainers and fitness professionals. With over 30 years of experience, Tim Dangos has trained hundreds of athletes, including his partner Nick Oughton. 

As you can imagine, Tim has seen plenty of "silver bullet" fitness solutions come and go. Many of the athletes that came to his gym took supplements and cure-alls without a good understanding of what was in them! 

Tim and his partners grew tired of the nutrition hype and the lack of education in the sports nutrition market. They decided to do something about it.

Safe, Healthy Supplements for Athletes and Non-Athletes Alike

Tim Dangos, Tim Carbery, and Nick Oughton wanted to show the athletes they worked with the whys and hows of sports nutrition. They wanted to develop products that were scientifically sound and contained organic, healthy ingredients. 

Unlike many of the products on the market, Powerstage supplements contain no fillers—only quality ingredients. They are third-party tested to ensure purity and efficacy, and they actually taste good! 

As they develop their products, the crew at Powerstage bring effective sports nutrition to both sports enthusiasts and people who simply strive to lead healthier lives.

Let Powerstage Help Fuel Your Fitness Journey

In short, the goal at Powerstage is to help our customers find the best products, at the best dosage and price, for YOU—our customer. 

With scientific studies and research, we develop products that will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and improved sports performance. And we help you understand each product's intended use, and how to take it for peak performance.

We want to help fuel your fitness journey.

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