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How To Use Greens Powder Correctly

Eating green vegetables is one of the best ways to obtain the United States Department of Agriculture's recommended allowance of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Unfortunately, most people do not follow these guidelines for optimum health. For anyone who struggles to include vegetables in their diet, health-conscious companies that offer greens powder in St. Louis, MO can help.

Nutritional Benefits of Greens Powders

According to the Centers for Disease Control, green vegetables can provide a significant amount of daily nutrients that a healthy human body requires, including:

  • Iron
  • Vitamins C, E, and K
  • Folate
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

Adults need only one and a half to two cups of green vegetables per week to meet the minimum requirements, but most fall short of achieving this in their diets. Consuming greens powders can help adults obtain the following benefits of a diet that includes green vegetables. 

Immune System Support 

Greens powders can provide the body with the nutrients necessary for a correctly functioning immune system. They achieve this by triggering a chemical reaction in specific white blood cells prominent in the gut and skin essential for fighting infection.

Blood Sugar Balance

Anyone who struggles with diabetes or pre-diabetic blood sugar spikes can achieve balanced sugar levels by consuming magnesium-rich greens. Low magnesium levels contribute to insulin resistance, causing a rise in blood sugar. Magnesium-rich greens powders are an excellent option to support optimum insulin levels and prevent the dangerous consequences of excessive blood sugar.

Inflammation Reduction

Although a healthy inflammatory response involves the discharge of white blood cells and nutrients to initiate the helpful, targeted wound-healing process, environmental and lifestyle choices can activate an unhealthy immune system reaction. In such cases, a systemic release of white blood cells throughout the body occurs, despite a lack of an acute problem. Instead of attacking a specific threat such as bacteria, the inflammatory response targets anything in its path, whether or not it poses a danger. Greens powders can benefit individuals suffering from chronic inflammation, such as that which occurs with rheumatoid arthritis or asthma, by increasing their intake of Vitamins K and A, and sometimes omega-3 fatty acids, proven to reduce chronic inflammation. 

Gut Health

A healthy gut needs a significant amount of beneficial bacteria to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that contribute to digestive upset and chronic inflammatory diseases, including Crohn's Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Greens powders include a helpful sugar by-product of green vegetables known as sulfoquinovose, which the gut's beneficial bacteria feed upon to increase in number and overtake the harmful bacteria.

Toxin Cleansing

Greens powders contain concentrated amounts of chlorophyll, which has potent detoxifying properties. When it reacts with Vitamin K, Chlorophyll functions much like hemoglobin, which helps red blood cells deliver oxygen throughout the body while removing excess carbon dioxide. 

Chlorophyll can also bind to and remove heavy metals that enter the body through fish consumption, pollution, beauty products, dental fillings and other vehicles.

Bone Strength

Greens powders have an abundance of Vitamin C that increases bone strength and Vitamin K that supports its regeneration. Individuals who are susceptible to bone weakness or loss, including post-menopausal women, anyone who drinks or smokes, or anyone recovering from a bone break or fracture, can benefit from supplementing their diet with green powders to improve bone health.

Skin Radiance

Concentrated amounts of Vitamins A, C and E, found in powdered greens can promote skin health by

  • Reducing collagen break-down from the sun
  • Protecting against cancer-causing free radicals 
  • Reducing wrinkles

Greens powders may also contain other powerhouse ingredients, including spirulina and wheatgrass, that can prevent rosacea and acne outbreaks by detoxifying and healing the skin.

Brain Function

Consuming greens powders can supercharge the brain with the nutrients it needs to remain agile and alert. Some ingredients found in powdered greens, including kale and broccoli, can improve blood oxygen levels to enhance and sustain brain function. Others, such as ginkgo balboa and green tea extract, support memory function and slow cognitive decline due to the aging process.

Vision Acuity

Most greens contain a combination of Vitamin A, lutein, and other vision-friendly nutrients that can ward off age-related eye disorders, including macular degeneration and cataracts. Deficiencies in many of the nutrients found in concentrated amounts in green powders can compromise night vision and lead to various visual disturbances and sensations.

Ways to Consume Greens Powder

Although many people assume that the only way to consume greens powders is by mixing them into a glass of water or juice, there are many creative and delicious ways to enjoy this type of supplement, including the following.

  • Sprinkle it on yogurt
  • Blend it into a cake batter
  • Stir it into a soup
  • Toss it over pasta
  • Add it to an omelet
  • Scatter it over a pizza

What To Consider Before Consuming Powdered Greens

Powdered greens can be a superior dietary supplement for most people, but they may not be appropriate in the following circumstances.

As a Substitute for Whole Fruits and Vegetables

Greens powders are a significant source of many vitamins and minerals. In addition to green plant nutrients, they frequently incorporate fruits such as berries, spirulina algae, and other ingredients, which are dehydrated and crushed. This process eliminates the fiber found in whole fruits and vegetables and essential for optimum health. 

As a Substitute for a Multi-Vitamin

Although greens powders provide many nutritional benefits, they do not include the broad range of vitamins and minerals found in multi-vitamins. Although a combination of greens powders and multi-vitamins can fill dietary gaps, it is prudent to avoid consuming an overabundance of any nutrient found in both.

After an Intense Work-Out

Consuming greens powders immediately after an intense work-out can void the benefits to your muscles by decreasing your insulin sensitivity and your ability to use blood sugar effectively. Greens powders taken during or after intense exercise prevent the oxidative stress necessary to promote muscle strength and endurance.

While Pregnant or Breastfeeding 

Many greens powders contain ingredients that have unknown effects on pregnant and breastfeeding women. For example, some individuals taking greens powders might experience allergic reactions or sensitivities to these ingredients. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid greens powders because there is no existing research to determine if they can pass possible intolerances on to a fetus or child.

When Taking Medication

Individuals who routinely take medications should consult with their doctors before adding greens powders to their diets. Some of the vitamins in these formulas can negate some drugs' benefits or even contribute to adverse reactions. For example, increased Vitamin K intake, a consequence of greens powder consumption, is not advisable for anyone taking blood thinners because it can lead to uncontrollable bleeding.

How To Choose a Green Powder Supplement

After deciding to supplement your diet with a greens powder, you may wonder how to select the right one for your needs. There is a wide variety of options available in today's marketplace, and it is crucial to choose a formula that meets the following criteria.

Organic Ingredients

Choosing powders that consist entirely of organic substances can help you avoid the harmful chemicals and pesticides that can negate the benefits you hope to attain and can be detrimental to your health. 

No Artificial Colors

The powders' green color comes naturally from ingredients including spinach, kale, chlorophyll and others. A green powder that requires color enhancement is deficient in the essential substances that would encourage you to buy it. 

No Artificial Flavors

Most people don't consume greens powders for their flavor, which is earthy and bitter. A powder that includes artificial flavor enhancers or sweeteners of any kind is not suitable to purchase.


A greens formula that contains barley and wheatgrass is not gluten-free unless the plants are harvested before they sprout or produce seeds. Unless you can verify how a supplier tests these ingredients before adding them to a formula, you may want to choose another product if you have any form of gluten sensitivity.


Green tea extract is a common ingredient found in many greens powders. If you are sensitive to caffeine, choose a product whose formula is caffeine-free. 


The process of drying fruits and vegetables to create greens powders depletes them of essential fiber. Some formulas make up for this by adding cornstarch and artificial thickeners to their recipes to enhance their texture. Cornstarch is high in calories and can increase blood sugar, making it a poor substitute for fiber.

Transparent Ingredient List

When choosing a greens powder, look for options that have nutritional labels specifying every ingredient. Vague terms that are difficult to interpret indicate that a product may not be suitable for you to consume. Artificial flavors and colors fall into this category.

Bonus Ingredients

The best greens powder formulas often contain additional ingredients that provided health benefits. Among the most common are digestive enzymes, Omega-3 fatty acids, and pre and pro-biotics. Many also include kelp and seaweed, though some individuals may be allergic to these ingredients and forgo these options.

Find Greens Powder in St. Louis, MO

If you already have a healthy lifestyle, consider supplementing your diet with greens powders from a reputable company that can fill any voids that keep you from achieving optimum health.

An Overview of Greens Powders

It is no secret that most Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. Most of us don’t have much time to think much about what we are eating between busy jobs and family responsibilities. To make eating healthy more manageable and less complicated, many people turn to vitamins and mineral powders. Green powders are dietary supplements created to help you easily reach your daily recommended vegetable intake. While these powders should not replace eating whole fruits and veggies, they can be an excellent supplement to your daily nutrient intake. Here’s what you need to know about greens powders:

What Are Greens Powders?

Greens powder is a health supplement that is taken alone or added to food or beverages to help people consume more vitamins and minerals. The nutrients used in these powders are formulated to provide your body with nutritional requirements that many people are not meeting on a daily basis. Some powders include ingredients to support the body’s immune system or increase energy levels.  Ingredients and health benefits vary by brand and manufacturer. Greens powder is often mixed into juice, water, tea or smoothies. While some powders have a grassy flavor, you can add natural sugar substitutes to the concoction to improve the flavor.

Popular Greens Powder Ingredients

Green powders often contain 15 to 70 different plant-based ingredients, but exact numbers and formulations vary by brand. Typical ingredients include:

  • Antioxidants: Fruits and leaves rich in antioxidants including blueberries, pineapple, goji berries and pineapple.
  • Enzymes: Enzymes to support digestion including bromelain and astragalus root powder.
  • Extracts: Extracts including matcha, green tea, grape seed and cocoa bean.
  • Grasses: Grasses to support healthy immune systems including barley, oat, wheatgrass and alfalfa.
  • Leafy greens: Healthy greens including spinach, arugula and kale.
  • Probiotics: Probiotic bacteria to support healthy digestive health.
  • Healthy vegetables: Nutrient-dense vegetables including red beets, carrots and broccoli.

How Are Greens Powders Made?

Production techniques vary depending on the manufacturer and the blend. However, manufacturers commonly dry the ingredients and then grind them into a powder. Occasionally, companies juice plants and then dry the extracted juice to create a powder.

Some manufacturers air dry the ingredients while others use freeze-drying or spray drying techniques. Freeze-drying involves utilizing extremely low temperatures to preserve the nutrients in the food. Freeze drying is an effective technique, but it quite expensive. Air drying is less expensive, but the food’s integrity is sometimes comprised by the high temperatures used.

How To Use Green Powders

It is common to add greens powders to beverages. For safety reasons, carefully follow the directions on the product you buy and refrigerate all products that are not consumed right away.  If you do not want to add the powder to a beverage, you can:

  • Sprinkle the powder over vegetables or meat.
  • Add the powder to an omelet or scrambled eggs.
  • Add the powder to a soup or salad dressing.

Keep in mind that the health benefits of some nutrients may be decreased when heated. Therefore, it is best to serve the powder at room temperature.

Greens Powder Health Benefits

The nutrients and vitamins found in greens powders may support a healthy lifestyle when used in combination with diet and exercise. For instance, powders are generally high in vitamins A and C, which may help boost your immune system. Other powders contain probiotics that can help improve digestive function.

The health benefits of greens powders have been tested on a small scale, but results will vary by brand and supplement combination. Additionally, these studies are sometimes funded by the manufacturers producing the powders. Therefore, it is important to do your own research and consult with your doctor or nutritionist before purchasing supplements. Here are a few of the benefits you may experience:

May improve energy levels: Some powders contain certain vitamins and minerals that may make you feel more energetic. Such minerals, including green tea extract, contain caffeine that supports alertness.

May help reduce blood pressure: There are certain minerals you can take to help support a good blood pressure management program. Many greens powders contain calcium and potassium that may help reduce blood pressure when used in combination with a healthy lifestyle, exercise and other medications.

May help boost your immune system: Some powders contain vitamins and minerals that can help you maintain healthy immune levels. For instance, vitamin A is a common ingredient in compound formulations.  Vitamin A has anti-inflammatory properties that may help enhance immune levels when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.  

May help reduce bloating: Many greens powders contain digestive enzymes. Many of the ingredients used in powders have naturally occurring enzymes, while other manufacturers add in enzymes. If you have any digestive problems, adding a green supplement to your diet may reduce boating or alleviate other gastrointestinal issues.

May help detox your body: Heavy metals are found in many of the things we consume on a daily basis, including food and water. These heavy metals build up in our bodies and can harm our health. Many powders contain chlorella. This nutrient is thought to help the body flush out harmful toxins.

May help reduce inflammation: Inflammation is the body’s way of alerting you that something is wrong with your health. Inflammation is also the body’s way of fighting injuries. Once the wound is resolved, the immune system is supposed to reduce the information. However, this does always happen and the inflammation remains long after the illness is resolved.  Kale is a main ingredient in many powder formulations. Kale is packed with helpful anti-inflammatory compounds, including vitamin K and omega-3 fatty acids.

May keep bones strong:  Calcium is often the nutrient that comes to mind when maintaining healthy bones. However, calcium is not the only nutrient that supports bone health. Vitamin K works together with other nutrients such as vitamin D to support healthy bones. Many greens powders contain a high level of broccoli extract. Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamins K and D. Even better, broccoli is an excellent source of calcium.

Other benefits may include:

  • Help with detoxification by balancing the alkaline levels in your body.
  • Promote mental alertness and memory recall.
  • Promote healthy skin, hair and nails.
  • Improve the ability to fall asleep.

You should always consult with a medical professional before starting a new vitamin regimen. Your doctor can help you choose the best supplements and greens powders for your unique health situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all green powders made from vegan ingredients?

Many people assume all vitamins and supplements are vegan. However, not all of these products are 100% vegan. Certain vitamins are derived from animal-based products. If you follow a vegan diet, check the label of any product before you purchase. A product that does not contain any ingredients from animals will be labeled as vegan.  

Are foods made from plant-based sources healthier than foods from animal sources?

While plants are indeed a healthy component of any diet, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that plants are a better source of nutrients than animal products. It is essential to consult with a medical professional to discuss the best foods to consume.

Is green powder a substitute for eating whole fruits and veggies?

Greens powders are meant to supplement your diet and should not replace consuming fruits and vegetables. You should continue consuming a healthy diet to ensure you get the most benefits from the supplements.

Are green powders a good source of fiber?

Many Americans do not get nearly enough fiber daily. Fiber is an essential vitamin important to maintaining a healthy digestive system. Some powders that have a high content of vegetable juice may contain a certain amount of fiber. However, nothing is better than eating whole fruits and vegetables to get your recommended daily fiber intake.

Are greens powders more effective than multivitamins?

Greens powders are often compared to daily vitamins. While both are used to supplement the daily intake of vitamins and minerals, they function differently. Many multivitamins are synthetically manufactured and the nutrients they contain bear little resemblance to the original source. Because greens powders are created from natural sources, the nutrient density you receive may be superior to multivitamins.

Are greens powders compatible with diet plans?

The ingredients included in powders vary depending on the manufacturer. You need to carefully check the ingredients label before purchasing any greens powder. While many of the ingredients are natural and are suitable for a variety of diets, you need to do your due diligence before purchasing. 

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