BCAA Power Blend for Men & Women




The Best BCAA for Women and Men

A power blend mixture of certain essential amino acids specifically formulated to help achieve maximum muscle growth and to improve the recovery of muscle breakdown. It helps lessen the effect of overtraining and helps achieve an increase in protein synthesis (three-step cellular reaction) to achieve and activate new muscle growth.

These are the building blocks of protein. In order for your body to rebuild and grow new muscle, you need amino acids. There are 20 in total, 11 of which are manufactured in the body. The other 9 must come from PSSN supplementation. Leucine is the most important of all as it diminishes during training and must be replaced to help stimulate protein synthesis. It’s the one key BCAA required for muscle protein synthesis and prevention of muscle breakdown.

BCAA also helps with the maintaining of lean body mass. Our formula has been shown to maximize muscle growth and improve muscle recovery. You should take BCAA at least 15-30 minutes prior to your workout, but it can be taken up to 3 times per day overall. It is thought that taking 0.03-0.05 grams of BCAA per kilogram of body weight per hour is sufficient. During intense training, it can increase to 2-4 grams per hour.


Our powder formula comes in two great tasting flavors, citrus and fruit punch. Just mix with water and enjoy the results.

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Citrus, Fruit Punch


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BCAA Power Blend for Men & Women