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What is collagen? Collagen is the most plentiful protein in your body, accounting for about one third of its protein composition and has various functions including providing structure to your skin and assisting with blood clotting. Lately it has gained in popularity as a nutritional supplement. It’s one of the major building blocks of bone, skin, muscle, tendons and ligaments. You can think of it as the adhesive that hold all the parts together.

There are approximately sixteen different types of collagen. The main types are I, II, III, IV.

  • Type I. this type accounts for ninety % of your body’s collagen and is made of extremely densely packed fibers. It provides structure to skin, bones, tendons connective tissue cartilage and teeth.
  • Type II. This type is mostly made up of more loosely packed fibers and found in a more elastic cartilage, which cushions the joints.
  • Type III. This type supports the structure of muscles, organs and arteries.
  • Type IV. This type helps with filtration and is found in the layers or your skin. One of the visible signs is in your skin, which becomes less firm and supple. Cartilage will weaken with age.


You may be able to help your body produce this important protein by making sure you get plenty of the following nutrients, vitamin C, proline, and copper. In addition, your body needs high quality protein that contains the amino acids needed to make new proteins. Meat, poultry, seafood, dairy and tofu are excellent sources of amino acids.

Collagen can also be damaged by certain behaviors like too much sugar in the diet, too much sun exposure and smoking. These can all be taken care of by a change in daily activities.

Our hydrolyzed blend is already broken down into smaller peptides which are much more easily absorbed into the body.

With the popularity of collagen there are more and more studies ongoing, and most are showing promise in the following areas:

  • Muscle mass, one study in active men showed that a combination of collagen peptide supplements and strength training increased muscle mass and strength.
  • Skin Elasticity, women who took a supplement, powder or capsule, showed improvements in skin appearance and elasticity. Collagen is also used in topical treatments to improve the appearance of skin by minimizing lines and wrinkles.
  • Arthritis, a study done on animals looked at the affects of giving collagen supplementation to mice with post traumatic osteoarthritis. The result indicated that supplementation may have a role in the disease’s development and progression.


The benefits of the use of collagen supplementation are wide and gaining in popularity and use. Whether it be a powder or capsule this supplement is one for the ages.

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