Just to complicate things and rid us of the confusion, new research on eating a good healthy breakfast and losing weight looks even more confusing than ever.

A recent study on breakfast concluded that the addition of breakfast might not be the best meal or strategy for weight loss. The study was done showing a healthy breakfast compared to a poor quality one.

The main objective was to settle the do or don’t debate once and for all, unfortunately in this study we are still up in the air.

What’s more, the findings were a contradiction from other similar studies, which suggest that when you load on calories for breakfast and eat a small dinner you have a better chance of losing weight.

You may also be more likely to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Researchers believe this to be since our bodies are used to eating an abundance of calories early in the day, which influences metabolism and decreases the risk of weight gain compared to more caloric intake later.

One study has shown that a larger breakfast and a smaller dinner compared to the opposite regime, had 2.5 more calories burned compared to those with a small breakfast to larger dinner. Blood sugar and insulin levels were diminished after breakfast compared to dinner as well.

A recent article in Clinical Nutrition concluded that having a good breakfast may help promote cardiovascular health and decrease all-cause mortality.

Here at Powerstage Nutrition, our favorite addition to a healthy breakfast is the addition of our breakfast cocktail. Mix one scoop of your favorite PSSN protein and a scoop of our Reds and Greens and mix with ice. A daily dose of this may help with immunity, cognitive function and energy throughout the day.

If you are a breakfast skipper and struggle with blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol, it is certainly worth considering a healthy breakfast with our PSSN cocktail. You should also try to cut down on your nightly caloric intake.

Have a healthy start of your day and stay healthy and energized.

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